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About Us

Founded in 2007, FUSE Equip offers expertise in a full range of products and services that provide innovative solutions to your material handling and worker access needs. ​Our broad construction experience, combined with our comprehensive inventory and stellar customer service, ensures the right equipment for the job and a convenient, seamless client experience—with safety and reliability at the forefront. We’ve built strong relationships with key contractors and clients in every sector, including commercial, residential, healthcare, and higher education. We’re also members of the Scaffold and Access Industry Association, and the Associated Subcontractors of Massachusetts Inc.
Hoist and Material Elevator Construction Equipment

Our Vision

FUSE Equip makes beacons that shape our landscape. Feats of engineering that rise above everything else. But they don’t start that way. They start small—hammer to nail, nut to bolt. And it takes a team that isn’t burdened with doubt or excuses, but a singular desire to make the things we build possible.

FUSE Equip proves it can be done. We’re driven to find solutions, do the work, and raise the future. 

Our Commitment to Safety

At FUSE Equip, safety is our top priority. We’ve structured our safety program around three pillars:

Safety pillar 1: Education


Our initiatives for people at all levels include the OSHA 10 & 30 courses, First Aid/CPR classes, safety orientations, and various technologies that are driving progress on our jobsites.

Safety pillar 2: Planning


Through our rigorous planning process, we identify risks and prepare our people in the field to perform work safely and efficiently.
Safety pillar 3: observation


We ask each member of our team to observe behaviors on the job at least weekly, which empowers every employee to communicate positive behaviors or suggest areas of improvement.
We’re proud to have received the following awards and recognition for our commitment to safety:
  • Construction Employer’s Association (CEA)
  • President’s Safety Award – 2020
  • Excellence in Safety Award – 2020
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Our commitment
to anti-racism

Cultivating, promoting, and celebrating diversity and inclusion is the responsibility of every FUSE Equip employee. In our journey to dismantle systemic racism, we have focused on having courageous conversations and creating a new framework for diversity and inclusion by transitioning from compliance to inclusive leadership through diversity, equity, and accountability. We’re working toward long-term, impactful, and sustainable solutions to help turn the tide of racial disparity at every level. We believe racial injustice should not be tolerated in the world around us because Black lives matter.

FUSE Equip is committed to anti-racism and safety


Michael Trovini
Michael Trovini
[email protected]
Chick Fagan General Manager
Chick Fagan
General Manager
[email protected]
John Rials, National Director of Equipment
John Rials
National Director of Equipment
[email protected]
Andrew O’Dwyer
National Director of Scaffolding & Access Solutions
[email protected]
James Fish, VP of Operations, Northeast
James Fish
Regional Manager, Northeast
[email protected]
Aaron Sandland, Regional Manager, West Coast

Aaron Sandland
Regional Manager, West Coast
[email protected]

John Onnembo
General Counsel
[email protected]

Adam Ringo, National VP of Environmental Health & Safety

Adam Ringo
National VP of Environmental Health & Safety
[email protected]

Tim O'Brien, Acting Chief Financial Officer

Tim O’Brien
Acting Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]

Alex Tsouvalas
Director, Construction Technology
[email protected]